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Multicultural Group Presentations

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Students will present a range of 5-7 books for grades K-12 and share how these books relate to the assigned chapters in Essentials of Children’s Literature (ECL). At least three books should be for elementary age children, at leastone for middle school and at least one for high school students. 

  • Brief introductions that sell each book in under 5 minutes. Use creative strategies to engage the audience and encourage enjoyment of (or wonder and curiosity about) the book. 
  • Apply a sample activity from the chapters of ECL that represent three different age groupings (i.e. elementary and high school).
  • Share a list of discussion questions for each book that model the practices/ideas from the chapters to promote close reading and critical literacy. 
  • Create one interactive online assignment that students could do at home or on their own (that models practices/ideas from the chapters).
  • At least one book should be non-fiction.


Multicultural Group Projects F17


Multicultural GP 1  

Bridges, Kaylyn, krbridges@bluefield.edu

Gasperson, Cameron, cpgasperson@bluefield.edu

McBride, Cody, crmcbride@bluefield.edu

Saunders, Noel, nrsaunders@bluefield.edu



Multicultural GP 2

Dietz, Kelly

Hibbitts, Kristy

Patsel, Laura



Multicultural GP 3

1. Meredith Throckmorton

2. Savannah Dame

3. Destinee Coleman

4. Jaime Vest


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