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Description: (5 due)

For each session where a topic or genre is presented, class members are expected to have browsed a library collection, and bring to class a selection of books (about 7-­‐10) that are good representations of the genre or topic based on learning from reading and class sessions. Class members must have selected and sampled all the books they share, and should be prepared to talk about their selections. By sampling, I mean that you would have read some sections of the book. This assignment fulfills learning objectives 1, 3, & 4. (10 points each/50 points total) Be sure to identify WHICH category each text fills.

  • One book must be award winning.
  • One book must be elementary or middle-school level.
  • One book must be high-school level.
  • One book must be by a marginalized or minority author.
  • Books should include three genres (novel, poetry…) when applicable.

This assignment fulfills learning objectives 4 & 5 (and is the basis for group projects). 


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