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Final Portfolio and Presentations

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Final Portfolio and Presentation


Due: Weeks 14-15


Project Description


For the final portfolio and presentation, students will revise all material from the class projects and expand on one or more projects to develop a complete unit with lesson plans, assignments and rubrics. Lessons should center around close reading and critical literacy. The unit will be accompanied by a reading schedule for the course of the year and a 3-5 page proposal to guide the literature class.


Under third grade - lit lesson plans should be 2 hours.


Over third grade - lit lesson plans should be 1 hour. 



This uses revised material from ALL the previous projects for this course. 

Lesson Plan Form

  • 10 lesson plans (two weeks of lessons)
    • introduction that SELLS the book and prompts students to explore the wonder of reading
    • lecture notes:
      • talking points
      • order of points 
    • discussion questions (to prompt close reading and critical thinking)
      • Explicit and specific 
    • related class activities
      • structured activity (doable in that time)
      • engaging 
      • variety (not just worksheets or videos)
      • grade approrp. 
  • 1 extended writing project (that incorporates close reading and critical literacy activities from throughout the unit).
    • Broad enough and deep enough to invite analytical reasoning.
    • Steps/Scaffolding 
    • Includes enough context for Crit Lit 
  • 1 presentation
    • Based off of one lesson/lecture notes (can use material from above). 
    • Images
    • Balanced use of text.
    • 7 - 10 slides.  
  • 10-12 class activities (both group and individual)
  • rubrics for all assignments (and any other documents)
    • Specific
    • Simple
    • Flexible for activity
    • Deal with important elements from lecture/activities (such as close reading/crit lit).  
  • 3-5 multi-media elements
    • Interactive
    • Child-friendly (accessible)
    • Directly related to overarching point  
  • 3-5 class activities without media elements


So this is just a revision on your Bibliography Project.

  • List of books and schedule for reading throughout the year. 
  • Brief explanation (3-5 sentences) describing the text AND what literacy goal it meets for the class.


This is the new element of this project. 

  • Statement of purpose to guide the course (your future course). How will you introduce the wonder and excitement of books to your students?
    • What and how specifically.
    • Why it's important.  
  • List of 5-7 goals for the course (based on readings for ECL or other YA/Children’s Lit scholars). How are these goals related to teaching students to enjoy reading in the future? Cite at least 5 scholarly sources.
  • Detailed explanation of the way that the proposed unit and reading schedule will meet the course goals and create excitement or encourage imagination and wonder.
  • Here is an example of how to write a teaching philosophy. It is not quite what you're doing here, but it's pretty close (and a great way to start): https://ucat.osu.edu/professional-development/teaching-portfolio/philosophy/.  



The class presentation should be based on the proposal (it can refer to examples from the portfolio, but the focus is the overarching GOAL of the course and how you will meet it).   


This assignment addresses all the learning objectives in this course. 

Create a Portfolio to Take With You


You can use these online space creators to make a portfolio to keep your work with you. I highly recommend this (but be sure to only use the FREE options)!!  


Online Space Creators  

  • PBWorks - free wiki builder (excellent for group projects)
  • Webs - free website builder
  • Weebly - free website builder 
  • Wordpress - free blog site 

Media Tools 


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