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Online Resources

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Online Space Creators  

  • PBWorks - free wiki builder (excellent for group projects)
  • Webs - free website builder
  • Weebly - free website builder 
  • Wordpress - free blog site 

Media Tools 


Online Resources for Primary Material and Context:

Children's Literature 



Fairy Tales


Beauty and the Beast (ATU 425)

  • Beastly. Alex Flinn.
  • Beauty. Robin McKinnley 


Cinderella (ATU 510A)


Snow White (ATU 709) 


Rapunzel (ATU 310)


Reading Outside the English Class



International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts 

American Folklore Society

TREE - Teacher Resources for WV


Resources for Multicultural and Ethnic Children's Literature




Criticism and Scholarship (Secondary Source Material): 



Cinderella (ATU 510)


Beauty and the Beast (ATU 425)


Snow White  


Red Riding Hood


Other Fairy Tale Resources:

The Great Caldron of Story - Maria Tatar

Breezes from Wonderland - Maria Tatar blog


Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking - Center for Teaching Vanderbilt University




The Rhetoric of Visual Thinking



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