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Topic/Notes Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on Tuesday for the week listed)
1 Introductory Material 
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TBA Quizzes

There will be quizzes over the ECL chapters (and theories). Quizzes will be posted online through MyBC and must be completed before class on the day they are due. Attendance on exam dates is mandatory; exams and quizzes cannot be made up except in the case of a university-accepted excused absence. 

  • 20 points each/ 100 total
TBA Browsing Project
  • For each session where a topic or genre is presented, class members are expected to have browsed a library collection, and bring to class a selection of books (about 7-­10) that are good representations of the genre or topic based on learning from reading and class sessions. Class members must have selected and sampled all the books they share, and should be prepared to talk about their selections. By sampling, I mean that you would have read some sections of the book. Post names and links to books on your roster page.  
    • One book must be award winning.
    • One book must be elementary or middle-school level.
    • One book must be high-school level.
    • One book must be by a marginalized or minority author.
    • Books should include three genres (novel, poetry…) when applicable.
  • (10 points each/40 points total) 
  • This assignment fulfills learning objectives 1, 3, 4, & 5 (and is the basis for Group Projects).
  Group Projects

Students will present a range of 5-7 books for grades K-12 and share how these books relate to the assigned chapters in Essentials of Children’s Literature (ECL). At least three books should be for elementary age children, at leastone for middle school and at least one for high school students. 

  • Brief introductions that sell each book in under 5 minutes. Use creative strategies to engage the audience and encourage enjoyment of (or wonder and curiosity about) the book. 
  • Apply a sample activity from the chapters of ECL that represent three different age groupings (i.e. elementary and high school).
  • Share a list of discussion questions for each book that model the practices/ideas from the chapters to promote close reading and critical literacy. 
  • Create one interactive online assignment that students could do at home or on their own (that models practices/ideas from the chapters).
  • At least one book should be non-fiction.

Students will sign up for three presentations: Fantasy, Poetry, and Multicultural.

Worth  30/40/40 points - 110 points total

 Illustration Project
  • For this project, students will analyze the works of a single award-winning illustrator across 3-5 books (see the list of awards in ECL).
  • Write a 3-5 page analysis. This analysis should include:
    • A thesis supported by a close reading of images and exploration of how they work. 
    • A description of how this could be used in the future (i.e. in a class). 
  • Create an interactive assignment for (future) students using illustrations. Include visual art and writing in assignment.
    • Assignment should teach close reading of images and critical literacy skills.
  • (100 points total)
  • This assignment fulfills learning objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.  
 Bibliography Project
  • In the course of assignments and browsing, you will have read parts or all of many books. You will prepare one annotated bibliography of your readings. This is INCLUSIVE of what you read for any assignment, but must include a minimum of:
    • 1 graphic novel
    • 1 controversial title (such as a censored book)
    • 5 titles by minority authors
    • 2 international titles (first published outside US, on topics of international interest)
    • 5 titles on nonfiction
    • 1 poetry collection
    • All titles must be YA or children’s literature.
    • At least 50% of your titles must be 2000 or newer.
    • All books in this file must be ones that you read entirely.
    • Your final submission is an annotated bibliography with MLA style citation, a brief composed summary, and any notes you wish to make about using the book in a classroom setting.
    • A minimum of 20 books should be on the list.
  • You could choose to include a text set of picture books that would be appropriate for use with adolescents (5-7 titles) on a particular topic with would collectively count as one item on your list.
  • (50 points total)
  • This assignment fulfills learning objectives 1, 3, & 4. 
11   Close Reading and Critical Literacy Project
  • For this project, students will create a series of assignments and lessons that teach close reading and critical literacy practices for a chapter book by a minority author that addresses issues of diversity. This project includes:
    • One lesson on close reading, including an example from the book.
    • One assignment on close reading (related to the lesson).
    • One lesson on teaching critical literacy related to issues of diversity in the text.
    • One assignment that helps students engage in critical literacy practices (including an example for students from the text).
    • One live in-class activity.
    • One interactive online/media element.
    • A brief (1-2 page) explanation of why you chose this text and an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses (based on guidelines and materials from ECL).
  • (100 points total)
  • This assignment fulfills learning objectives 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6.   
14-15   Final Portfolio and Presentations


  • 10 lesson plans (two weeks of lessons)
    • introduction that SELLS the book and prompts students to explore the wonder of reading
    • lecture notes
    • discussion questions (to prompt close reading and critical thinking)
    • related class activities
  • 1 extended writing project (that incorporates close reading and critical literacy activities from throughout the unit).
  • 1 presentation
  • 10-12 class activities (both group and individual)
  • rubrics for all assignments
  • 3-5 multi-media elements
  • 3-5 class activities without media elements


  • List of books and schedule for reading throughout the year.
  • Brief explanation (3-5 sentences) describing the text AND what literacy goal it meets for the class.


  • Statement of purpose to guide the course (your future course). How will you introduce the wonder and excitement of books to your students?
  • List of 5-7 goals for the course (based on readings for ECL or other YA/Children’s Lit scholars). How are these goals related to teaching students to enjoy reading in the future? Cite at least 5 scholarly sources.
  • Detailed explanation of the way that the proposed unit and reading schedule will meet the course goals and create excitement or encourage imagination and wonder.


This assignment addresses all the learning objectives in this course.  

  Attendance and Participation

This is a discussion-based class. Attendance and participation in discussion is mandatory. Participation and quizzes (given randomly throughout the semester) cannot be made up except in the case of a university-accepted excused absence. 

  Extra Credit
  • Eclipse Reflection
  • International Day of Peace (write/share poem) 
  • Emily Dickinson Poem Activity (9/29/17) 
  • Prada to Nada Reflection (10/27/17)


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